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Magical Mysteries - Mermaid Fin Magical Mysteries - Mermaid Fin

Mermaid Fin is just like a mermaid fin should look like! SOOOO much sparkle it's amazing! Glittery blues and greens!

Our Price: $6.99
Magical Mysteries - Kiss of the Fairy Magical Mysteries - Kiss of the Fairy

Imagine if a fairy kissed you on the forehead, I think she would leave a little fairy magic behind!

Our Price: $6.99
Magical Mysteries - Midnight Magic Magical Mysteries - Midnight Magic

Black and Royal blue swirls of midnight magic. (Because fairies always play at midnight!) Light it up during the day and then it ...wait for it...GLOWS IN THE DARK!

Our Price: $6.99
Magical Mysteries - Dragons Egg Magical Mysteries - Dragons Egg

Dragon's Egg looks like mica powder at first but when you heat it up it bubbles and transforms to look like dragon skin.

Our Price: $6.99
Magical Mysteries - Fairy Wings Kit Magical Mysteries - Fairy Wings Kit

The Fairy Wings Kit has several amazing iridescent colours on top of a purple-ish iridescent backdrop, just like fairy wings!!!
In the kit, you'll receive 17g of the Fairy Wings Base embossing powder and 5g of the Fairy Wings Purple, Green, Pink, Gold and Blue powders.

Our Price: $34.99
Baked Texture - Vintage Beeswax Lrg Baked Texture - Vintage Beeswax Lrg

Baked Texture is the artist version of Embossing Powders.
These powders have amazing textures and designs that can be glued on or melted for something truly unique and inspirational.
Vintage Beeswax. Enough Said.
Kidding. This translucent powder can age any project with perfection.
Multi tones of yellow and brown fuse together for a perfect vintage photo affect.
This large jar of Vintage Beeswax is 120g.

Our Price: $34.99